Donations trip with SLCBO

On Monday 5th November 2012, representatives of Help People Help Themselves visited Bissau community to follow-up on the uniforms sent earlier and to donate solar lamps, solar panel ,inverter,solar battery. The community people gave members a warm and loud welcome. The reception was followed by a stakeholder meeting held near the school building. The organization has also donated school uniforms to all school children to help reduce the cost on their parents. These items were received in the presence of the representative section chief and paramount chief representative. In order for the items to reach their intended target, members of the organization played a role by hiring vehicles and an outboard engine for a boat which transported the members.   Help People Help Themselves community based organization wishes to express their profound thanks and appreciation to Solar power UnlimitedPower Control and all those who in different ways have contributed to the successful donation.      You can see the pictures from the trip here