Construction of solar Pump

Bissau village is a village about 10 km walk away from Bonthe town within the Sherbro Island. With an approximate population of about 350 people, it is one of the biggest villages within the Island on which many other villages rely. This is thus the reason why it boasts of the only primary ‘school’ around, to which pupils of about age seven from other villages attend.

In 2012, Help People Help Themselves (HPHT) constructed water well at the school which provides safe drinking water for the children as well as the people of Bissau community who previously used the river not only for drinking but fishing, laundering, bathing, and even defecating.

Before the water well, the people of this community has to go to the stream to fetch their drinking water, cooking water, and water for other domestic purposes at the same time, the same stream is also use for bathing, laundry and defecation. For these reasons, over the years, the people of this community have suffered greatly from cholera and malaria. In the dry season especially, when 80% of the stream is dry and the water is stagnant. The mosquitoes are able to breed which causes the spread of malaria in the community. Also with that steady water with which the community uses for all sort of domestic purposes will become contaminated and in many cases people lose their lives in cholera outbreaks especially children and women.

If this project is funded, it will significantly contribute to the lives of these neglected children of Bissau village. The construction of a solar pump will ensure the children and community a clean and safe drinking water. This will be an important way to show these children that there shattered and devastating lives can be saved or changed. This project will also enhance the motivation of people to stay at this village who otherwise might be tempted to leave for bigger towns with high cost of living.