solar power kioskPilotprosjekt solar kiosk i Sierra-Leone.

Mor about the project.

In West Africa, 561 million people still have no access to electricity.

By the lack of electricity, the alternative solutions to illumination are very expensive, unhealthy, of poor quality and harmful to the environment.

Although these regions have the highest potential for solar energy, the major obstacle for solar installations remains the high cost to the end user.

“Solar Zonder Grenzen – SZG” which translates to “Solar Without Borders,  sought to remedy this making even the poorest people have access to decent lighting in the common use of a central charging system. This system was technically and logistically worked out and has been named “The Solar Kiosk”.

“A Solar Kiosk” is a central building, equipped with a solar installation, on which the neighborhood can charge their lamps. The solar lamp is composed of a circuit developed by SZG with Timelab (Belgium), an optimized LED lamp and a rechargeable battery that provides 11 hours to light. The rented discharged lamp can be exchanged for a charged lamp at the Solar Kiosk. Using 1 central charging system reduces the costs for the costumer, in this way we can even reach the poorest people to provide light.

By using the ‘Solar Kiosk’ model:
solar-kiosk-Economics: the end user pays less compared to the current opportunities (flashlights, kerosene lamps).

-Ecological: The lighting is brighter, more user-friendly, healthier and not harmful to the environment. Everything is produced locally using local materials.rra-Leone.docx” target=”_blank”>Du kan lese mer om prosjektet her