Mohamed Moipa Main project manager SLCBO

Main project manager

Mohamed Moipa Zombo (Sierra Leone)

Mohamed Moipa Zombo was born in Bonthe on the 12th of June 1988; he had both his primary and secondary educations in Sierra Leone. He graduated from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Marine Biology. In the course of his four years at university, he offered courses like English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. He also graduated from Eminent Sea Technician United (ESTU) Maritime with a diploma in Fish Processing Technology. In his two years course at college, he offered courses like Marketing and Distribution, Fish and Shell fish processing, Information Technology, Communication Skills, Marine Resource Exploitation, Hygiene and Sanitation, Cargo handling and storage, Quality control. In 2012, he was recruited as a Polling Centre Manager for the National Electoral Commission (NEC) 2012. He has been working for SLCBO since 2010 as Project Manager in Sierra Leona at Bonthe.