isaac chairman of the board slcbo

Isaac Hauge Mansaray

Isaac comes from Sierra Leone. He grew up in Spain and has lived in Norway since 2000. He works for Oslo Kommune as practical nurse. Isaac likes staying in Norway, but still feels very connected to his homeland. On his last visit to Bonthe in 2008, he saw the need for growth and development in the community. They have the water and the fish, but the resources are not available. Large part of the inhabitants are unemployed, and many children dont go to school. This affects especially the people around the Island of Bonthe. He has strong belive in the project and have earlier experience from building the Organisation Cosop in Spain late 90`s. An organisation which is still operating today.His work here was integration of migrants through Red Cross. He therefore has wide experience from organisation work and are excited to meet others with the same entusiasme towards working on this projects as well as himself.