Mariama Elaiza Webby, project manager SLCBO

Mariama Elaiza Webby

Project Manager: Mariama Elaiza Webby(Sierra Leone) Mariama Elaiza Webby, I was born on the 21st may 1987 in Freetown Sierra Leone, I attended the ST. Joseph’s Secondary School in Freetown from thereRead More…

Jalikatu M. Dauda, advisor SLCBO

Jalikatu M. Dauda

Advisor: She was born in Bonthe on 3rd January 1986 where she attended the Bonthe Secondary School. She pursued her higher education at the Northern Polytechnic, Makeni. Jalikatu is currently a teacherRead More…

Francis Stevens George, Advisor SLCBO

Francis Stevens George

Advisor: George is a graduate from the London School of Economics. Mr. George holds an MBA degree and a Masters in Innovation and E-enterprise from The Norwegian School of Management. Mr. GeorgeRead More…

Lois Simche Roberts, national coordinator SLCBO

Lois Simche Roberts

National coordinator: Lois Simche Roberts(Sierra Leone) born in moyamba district on the 9th November 1988. I attended the st joseph`s secondary school for girls from there i entered njala university,i graduated fromRead More…

Jone Bøhren, boardmember SLCBO

Jone Bøhren

Boardmemeber: Jone was born and lives in Norway. He has a degree in Sound Engineering and Bachelor in Project Management.He’s been working as a Radio Engineer in Norway’s biggest commercial radio stationRead More…

Jorun Bøhn styremedlem SLCBO

Jorun Bøhn

Boardmember: Jorunn Bøhn. She is educated as a Child Welfare Officer at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and Anthropology from the University of Oslo (UiO). She has also German language from theRead More…

Osman Tollo Kamara SLCBO

Osman Tollo Kamara

Project Manager Solar Energy: (Sierra Leone) born on the 5th November 1979 at Magbele Junction, Port Loko District Northern Province. Attains SE/GCE O’ Level and later the Milton Margai College of Education andRead More…

Mohamed Moipa Main project manager SLCBO

Mohamed Moipa Zombo

Main project manager Mohamed Moipa Zombo (Sierra Leone) Mohamed Moipa Zombo was born in Bonthe on the 12th of June 1988; he had both his primary and secondary educations in Sierra Leone.Read More…