In Sierra Leone, there is great need for the provision of basic social amenities including clothing. This situation has been made worse especially due to the decade long civil war that plagued this country. During the war, the homes of thousands of people were burnt and destroyed making them into refugees and internally displaced persons. With the end of the war, many of these displaced persons and refugees returned home in a devastated state. This situation has, coupled with the general poverty in the country, drastically increased the demand for clothing amongst the general citizenry. This need for clothing makes ready-made market for second hand clothing. Due to their low income status, many Sierra Leoneans go in for second hand clothing in their bid to satisfy their clothing desire. For them it is never a choice between second hand clothing and new ones. It is a choice between using second hand clothes and shoes and having no clothes or shoes.  It is as a result of this, that Bonthe Community Based Organization – Help People Help Themselves has been soliciting and selling second hand clothing and shoes to the people of Sierra Leone in general and Bonthe in particular. This sale has two main objectives. Firstly, it provides the most needed clothing for members of the various communities in which the organization operates at a cost recovery basis while at the same time funds raised from these sales are used to sustain the various developmental projects the organization undertakes. In some cases, Help People Help Themselves even provides bales of clothes to communities affected by natural disaster. For instance residents of villages engulf by fire are often considered as mostly in need and are therefore given clothes free. In situations where the clothes are not enough, quality clothes and shoes are bought from local shops and then donated to particularly children. At present, Help People Help Themselves has embarked on providing school and learning materials for primary school pupils in Bonthe Island.  The main sources of these materials include donor support from well wishers of the organization and returns made from the sales of second hand clothing and shoes donated to the organization. It is the belief of volunteers of Help People Help Themselves that for the sustainability of its numerous projects, fund raising activities need to be undertaken through which the organization will be able to maintain its project. This is particularly aims at reducing the level of dependency the organization will have on donors and sponsors. Also significant is that the sale of second hand clothes and shoes in the Bonthe community also contributes in strengthening the local economy. When Help People Help Themselves receives a consignment of second hand clothes and shoes several other local clothe and shoe shops drastically reduce their expensive prices. This as a result increases the cash flow in the community and helps bolster the micro economy of the township. For the continuity of the sale of second hand clothes and shoes however, and subsequently projects undertaken by the organization, Help People Help Themselves is soliciting the donations of second hand clothes and shoes to help sustain its development projects as well as provide affordable but worthy goods to much needed community members. Contact us for delivery of such by using our contact form or by phone: +47 95021584. Thank you for your contribution!