Being an Island, the sea is a major source of livelihood for the people of Bonthe. This has made fishing a significant part of the Bonthe community. The Island is rich in abundance supply of fish which the people are less benefiting from. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Bonthe Town was a viable fishing trading centre with a population exceeding 10,000. It had fishing industries that employed several people which significantly contributed to improving the welfare of the people of Bonthe. At present, the population of the Bonthe is about 7,000 (2004 National population census projection). This drastic drop in the population of the Township is partly due to the close of this fishing industry. Fish like catfish, tarpon, giant mackerel, barracuda and grouper are among the many types of fish caught along the coast of the island.  Small scale fishing done by fishermen is now taken to market places outside the Island and even the district for sale. As a result, the Island which should be flooding with fish and other sea food now ironically starves of fish. It is this anomaly that Help People Help Themselves wants to address. This can be done by providing fishermen with suitable boats and necessary equipment to enhance their fishing and ensuring that fish caught are sold on the Island. In the near future, the construction of a fish depot would be a priority. This will not only create job opportunity for the people of Bonthe but also provide a means of storage and preservation for fishermen and women. If this is achieved, the fishermen will not only have enough fish for themselves, but will also have the opportunity to sell fish at the market centre in the district headquarter town of Bonthe without embarking on risky long distance sea travel to market centres. This will in the long run enable them to be self employed and self reliance. As the organization relies on volunteers, it is seeking for volunteer fishermen in Norway who can support it with boats, outboard engine and fishing equipment.