Our vision is to provide full education for all children between the ages of 6 to 16 in Sierra Leone. In addition to see all women become financially independent.

In aiming to meet our vision we have set ourselves the following ambitious goals:

  • Build schools and provide resources for children between the ages of 6-16;
  • To support projects and initiatives that contribute to productivity and income generation for women
  • To provide better medical facilities to our local people in the communities
  • To make available medical facilities achievable to all level of people in communities
  • To minimize death rate existing in communities, especially to those un able to meet with medical costs
  • Provide sufficient food and healthcare facilities for people in communities
  • Eradicate poverty, starvation, and malnutrition among people in communities
  • Promote education by way of providing the means to finance educational programs
  • Promote the standard of living of people in communities
  • To encourage women to engage in small scale industry productivity
  • To promote the social life of the people in communities

Our motivation is derived on the increase in death rate within the communities post war. The struggles of our local people to provide with themselves sufficient foot so as to maintain healthy and happy life.

The lack of funds within communities to make available materials and equipments to embark on a full -scale agricultural revolution.