Now we have collected money and made uniforms for the children and young people who go to school at Bonthe thanks to many generous contributers in Norway.
The uniforms are made locally at Bonthe, so we create jobs for those who live there. The children are taught by local teachers.

SLCBO does much not only for the children and the youngsters, but also for the adults. The children get to school, the parents get a small sum of money to send their children to school.

This way, the children are educated, and can eventually create a new future for Bonthe both for themselves and their parents. The parents get children with education who can contribute at home in a completely different way than before. Local teachers are hired to create jobs locally, school uniforms are created locally as well, which also contributes to createing jobs locally at Bonthe. Previously, SLCBO has had projects such as “Lighting Bonthe” that have helped the children to do their homework in the evening after working for the family at day time. These rechargeable light bulbs / lamps can be charged in the sun during the day, and are used for simple lighting in the home and charge cell phones in the evening. This project has also created local jobs at Bonthe, where there is now a local repairman for the